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Ahkam Al Tajweed-jouz Amma


Contents:First: Implementation of Ahkam Al Tajweed in the Quran, patented from the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.This application makes the recitation easier to the reader -even if he didnt have previous knowledge of Ahkam Al Tajweed of the Quran- using specific color for each rule.- Ahkam Al Tajweed of the Quran are divided into nine sections, each section contains the Ahkam that suit it to be distinguished with a special color, since it was not our purpose to mention all the academic Ahkam, but the primary purpose is discriminating the Ahkam that could cause confusion to the low or medium knowledge user.- Each of the nine divisions is accompanied by a declaration of its Ahkam and what was ignored in order not to cause confusion to the user. - A complete explanation of Ahkam Al Tajweed in 29 lessons including exercises of four types multiple choice, correction, choose between brackets and matching.Second : pronunciation of the Arabic letters and their characteristics.Including how of pronounce the Arabic letter, its characteristics, an explanation with examples, the Arabic letter sound and vocal system movements to pronounce it.Third : The interactive BaghdadiahPresents Baghdadiah rule, by one of Al-Madinah Al-Monauarahs reciters Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Akhdhar.Fourth : Jouz AmmaThis application contains a display of Jouz Amma with colors applying Ahkam Al Tajweed of the Quran using different colors.